Above is the classic and beautiful 'Colour Pacifier' shown in various color version.

At BIBS, we introduced six different pacifier shapes, each with its own distinct shield design. Ensuring that all the pacifier packshots had a consistent look was a key priority throughout the development process.
In addition to capturing packshots of the front of the shield for all pacifiers, we also ensured that each pacifier had a side view packshot. This perspective showcased the size and shape of the nipple, a crucial element that new parents often seek when shopping for pacifiers online.

Acknowledging the significance of showcasing product packaging for specific resellers, I devised a user-friendly system for generating new packshots of the boxes whenever new combinations of pacifier packs were introduced. This streamlined approach ensured that resellers consistently had updated and visually appealing packshots that accurately represented the available pacifier pack options.
In addition to pacifiers, BIBS offered an extensive range of diverse baby products, featuring various materials and colors. As part of my role, I was responsible for developing packshots of these products as well.
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